We have nearly finished the Alresford Rotary Club website. After a lot of effort, myself and Alex have managed to concoct this site up for them using ASP.NET (a modern web application platform), complete with a back-end for editing the site with ease.

The Alresford Advertiser have kindly decided to put us on the front cover of their newspaper (breaking news for Alresford!!) complete with 3 mistakes.
  1. Apparently we made the website for Alton not Alresford
  2. Alex’s surname is apparently ‘Pewnfold’ rather than Penfold
  3. They seem to not know how to put spaces between words
I would expect better, since it is on the front cover of the newspaper, the first thing everyone sees but, there you go…
Visit the site at:
We are now designing a new website for the Watercress Line in Alresford, which will be based on the same technology. We hope to have this up and running by Christmas, if not soon after.